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    5 Reasons Why Finding Hourly Workers is So Hard

    HR is no philosophy, especially when it comes to hiring hourly employees. One coffee walk to Starbucks, and you're already ten candidates richer. Because unemployment is high, low-skilled workers are grateful. They're not picky. They don't leave their positions. It's basically common sense. 

    Except, it's not true. 

    If you believe that finding hourly workers is a walk in the park, then you don't know many HR professionals.

    If you're in human resources yourself, then you're not a very observant employee. What seems logical on paper (a handful of available positions paired with 173.6 million unemployed people around the world) cannot be more wrong in practice. HR is hard work, and so is hiring hourly workers.

    1. The Hourly Concept Is Terribly Misunderstood 

    Sure, we can forgive the general public for believing that hourly employees are actually low-skilled workers who would jump to any occasion to earn a couple of extra bucks. The hourly employment concept, as a result, is not only taken for granted but is also taken very lightly and what's more difficult to grasp is that many HR professionals succumb to the same stereotype.

    Turnover rates for hourly workers, which historically run from 70-120% per year across industries. The harsh truth is – hourly employees are being replaced on a regular basis. A Cornell study (aptly titled The Cost of Employee Turnover: When the Devil Is in the Details) has done the math, and the cost of turnover for just one position is $5,864. 

    Point being, we're doing hourly hiring wrong. 

    2. Hourly Workers Are Not Who You Think They Are 

    The biggest problem these HR professionals have is thinking that they can use the same routes and methods for finding hourly workers as they do when they need to fill a managerial position. It's like trying to sell an RPA software to a granny. Failing to resist the unconscious bias, they assume these workers are low-skilled, glued to online job boards, and ready, willing, and able to do virtually any job. 

    In reality, as examined by TLNT, a profile of an average hourly worker looks like this: 

    ● In above 30% of cases, they have one to three years of college. 
    ● 39% of them are not older than 25 years. 
    ● 60% of hourly workers consider their job a full-time career. 
    ● 80% of them prefer to work within a five-mile radius of their home. 
    ● For 75% of these people, a 30 hour work week is more than enough. 

    It seems that the fact that finding hourly workers is so hard is nobody's fault but ours. They keep slipping through our fingers because we don't actually know who they are and what they prefer, nor do we make efforts to find out. By all means, every other aggravating factor is a consequence of this. 

    3. Hourly Workers Are Not Where You Think They Are 

    Since finding reliable employees is the biggest challenge that modern-day HR is facing when it comes to filling hourly positions, it's only obvious that we must pay extra attention to where these workers are. And then, we must forgo all traditional channels that we use for approaching other professionals. 

    To get that out of the way, they are not on LinkedIn. 

    Platforms designed for business professionals to gush about their accomplishments are apparently not their cup of tea, and neither are complicated job boards. You'll find them where all young people go to hang (remember, 39% of them is under 25 years old), and that's Facebook and Craigslist. That's the online avenue. Offline, they can be reached on college campuses and job fares, and sure, in cafés.

    4. You Simply Can't Fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole

    Speaking of online vs offline routes for recruiting employees, modern-day HR clearly prefers the digital way. And that's perfectly in tune with modern-day demands. The only problem is, the digital way is a bit less effective when it comes to approaching hourly workers, as these people are in fact very busy.

    Also, as TLNT reports, the most important factor to these job seekers is being hired quickly.

    However intuitive it may be, the online-based recruitment process is too much of a drag for hourly employees. They are looking for fast solutions, and traditional recruiting is everything but fast. What's streamlined in other cases, in this one is not so convenient, with the only viable solution being a change of course. Hourly employees simply require a different approach, and so does your HR budget.

    Give a chance to referrals, as they will streamline the process for you, and provide a quick and easy solution to them. A 24/7 job hotline is another convenient option, both in terms of employee experience and your budget. Alternatively, print out a couple of job postings and take that coffee walk.

    5. You're Relying on the Wrong Recruiting Technology

    It's not only that recruiters are largely depending on technology to find offline-based hourly candidates, but it's also that they are using the wrong kind of tech to recruit online-based employees. Because these recruiting processes are simply not the same, using a specially designed tool is a must.

    Here at Workstream, we build an automated hiring systems dedicated exclusively to targeting and recruiting hourly employees, thus helping HR choose only the right online platforms, communicate with candidates on their preferred channels, and process and analyze job applications very, very fast.

    So look us up.

    If your change you approach and employ the right tools, hourly hiring will be just as common sense suggests – easy, effective, and with no costly turnovers. Never underestimate an hourly worker. Also, never assume that he'll hold the door for you at any cost. And most importantly, get to know him first.

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