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    Influencer Series | 3 min read

    Aaron Hoffman | Growing and Scaling a Startup

    Headquartered in Canton, Ohio, DeliverThat operate across the Midwest and are expanding rapidly. They solve the food & beverage industry's biggest pain point, catering delivery. Their network of professional drivers allows restaurants to accept more orders, improve in-house employee productivity, and reduce wage-related expenses when it comes to their catering operation. 

    We got in touch with co-founder and CEO, Aaron Hoffman, to share his expertise in growing DeliverThat into a full-fledged business and operation. Prior to founding DeliverThat, Aaron started a similar company on my college campus. Instead of delivering catering they focused on delivering students anything from burritos to text books. Campus delivery taught him a lot about real world business and how to deal with people.

    It takes a unique type of individual to not only identify a problem but also identify the solution as well. DeliverThat's Aaron Hoffman has done what many couldn't time and time again. He has many unique qualities that make him a puzzle piece fit for the position he holds.

    Q: How did you come up with the idea of DeliverThat and what is your founding story?

    Aaron: About 6 years ago, my co-founder John Zinno and I had the idea to deliver college students the things they need on campus. We learned the challenges of a delivery business and the value we were bringing consumers.

    We graduated in 2016 and moved back home to Canton, Ohio. It was there we found that the pre-scheduled market, primarily catering, had a fundamental challenge with staffing. A challenge we knew how to overcome!! We pivoted away from on-demand and into the pre-scheduled delivery market and have not looked back since. A year later we had grown our business over 700%.

    Q: The growth of DeliverThat has been phenomenal. What is the driving force behind this growth?

    Aaron: People. We have an amazing management team that implements our company vision on a daily basis. We understand that we are in the customer service business and that quality is our calling card. Our drivers are individually selected to embody our vision.

    Q: You have a strong professional network of drivers that is at the core of your team. What do you look for when on-boarding a new driver? 

    Aaron: General availability for the catering lunch rush takes priority. Beyond that the fundamental musts are timeliness and professionalism...customer service basics!

    Q: How do you screen and evaluate your drivers today? 

    Aaron: We use Workstream as the basis of how we source delivery drivers. Then each driver goes through an extensive on-boarding process and are vetted in person to ensure they are the quality of driver clients deserve. 

    Q: How do you build a strong culture in your team as you grow?

    Aaron: We are a team that focuses on results. It's easy for management to self-motivate seeing the week over week growth DeliverThat has come to expect. However employees and IC drivers do not always get to see the big picture. Positive reinforcement of their tremendous efforts is one of the fundamental secrets of DeliverThat.

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