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    Disney Offers Full College Tuition for Hourly Workers

    Hourly workers, the kind that has often been put in the shadows of the giant firms, with no proposition of progression, now have a chance, a new light ahead of them, through Disney, to get college education and training. 

    The Walt Disney Co. announced that they will pay full tuition for their hourly workers so that they can have a proper education, learn new skills, and evolve as individuals alongside Disney, but also if they wish to, beyond this giant entertainment company. 

    "I have always believed that education is the key to opportunity. It opens doors and creates new possibilities", said Bob Iger, Disney Chairman and CEO. 

    And indeed it is. A possibility to expand your knowledge as an hourly worker is an important thing. Especially when that possibility has been settled up-front by the company. It seems that Disney understood how important hourly workers are for them, as they keep order in amusement areas and can give their full potential to the big corporation. 

    With Disney Aspire launched, the educational program for hourly Cast Members and employees of The Walt Disney Company, over 80, 000 people now have the chance to get a university degree or other quality training offered by this project. 

    "We can't wait to see what paths our cast members take with Disney Aspire," the company said. 

    Disney announced an initial $50 million investment in this new and ongoing project. This means that they will cover 100 percent of the tuition up front, with all the needed materials and books. 

    Jayne Parker, senior executive vice president & chief HR officer for The Walt Disney Company, says that he wants to support employees in their professional and personal career. The important thing is to give people an opportunity to express their needs, realize their ambitions, and follow their dreams. 

    He also says that the program is designed to be fully flexible – employees have all the freedom for their orientation, regardless of whether the programs they choose are somehow tied to their current role in Disney. 

    Disney has partnered with Guild Education, an organization whose main goal is to change the future of adult education and work. The Guild is providing teachers to guide employees through the program and help them evolve from it. The first lessons will be online classes. 

    With this development tactic, Disney is looking to expand their workers' potential to the point where they can become full-time employees through training and education. 

    It seems that Disney is following other big corporations that included courses for hourly workers' progression. Walmart has begun an educational project that provides a degree in three different universities through the online program. 

    And the most important fact is that this educational project is only for hourly workers, and not for those who are on a salary. A truly incentivizing plan for a long-term goal. 

    This opportunity presented by Disney and other big companies is a huge step for hourly workers. It gives people an opportunity to get an education that they didn't have before, a chance to evolve and not stand on the margins of the social hierarchy. A program that allows people to get a university degree while still keeping their job is a crucial step for hourly workers. 

    It's a smart business move. Give people free development to the point where they can get a degree and those people will "pay" the company back by working better and feeling that they are a part of it. 

    In this example, we can see in how many ways big corporations and companies can help their workers. A quality worker is a happy worker. When you feel that you have been given a hand to rise and educate yourself, you are compelled to work hard and give back. 

    And not just big companies. Smaller businesses can also look at this project and try to make a well-suited environment that helps them and their workers. A relationship between a worker and the boss is vital to the success of the business. Whatever it is that you do, if you feel the support and have a proper working environment, you'll be pleased. 

    We all know how America was built. By tools maneuvered by hands, guided by the workers' energy. When people unite under the same proper conditions, then anything can be achieved, and in history it often was. 

    In the future, we hope that the positions in firms and companies are filled based on effort and commitment, where everyone has a university degree and, most importantly, room to improve. And this step was presented quite well by Disney and Walmart. Organizations can earn more money by focusing on very simple reasoning – place yourself in the workers' shoes and see how you can improve things from the bottom up. 

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