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    How to Hire Hourly Workers on Indeed?

    With each new hire that you make you can transform your business. Hiring the right talent in a competitive market is not only about finding the perfect people for your business but is also about knowing where to find them. Each year more than 18.51M people are hired in US based on online job postings, and on average, 245 people apply for one online job posting. 

    The main challenge for the employers is finding, attracting and retaining the best hourly talent. There are so many recruiting websites available on the market, and choosing the right job board for you as an employer which will connect you with the qualified candidate for your business is time consuming. is a generalist job board and is one of the most popular job sites in the world. 

    The platform has more than 200 million visitors on their website each month, is available in 50 countries, 28 languages and is well known for his huge database of resumes available for employers to search and connect. The quality of the resumes listed on is considered high, and you can find valuable prospects based on industry, job title, location, and education. 

    For employers, is a great tool which helps them to find the right match for the company, and in the same time is one of the few job boards available on the market which allows the employers to post job ads for free, and in the same time if they want to boost their listing to have greater visibility they can choose to sponsor the listing. 


    Another great feature for business owners is "Indeed Resume" plan, which allows businesses to have unlimited search capabilities thru more than 120 million resumes, this feature gives the employer the freedom to search in the candidate database, and for each candidate contacted, the employer would need to pay $15, this option is worth a few quick searches to see if you find the perfect fit. 

    If you don't want to pay per each candidate contacted, Indeed, has more options from where to choose from, Standard Subscription fee for $100 per month per user which allows you to contact up to 30 candidates and the second option is the Professional Standard for $250 per month per user and you can contact up to 100 candidates. Also, if you don't like to buy packages and you like to have the freedom to pay for each job ad, Indeed allows you to pay per click under the Advance plan option. This plan allows the business owners to pay only when people click on your sponsored job and the cost is ranging between $0.20 - $1.20. Another option is "Simple Plan" which gives business owner the flexibility to specify, on average, how much is willing to spend daily or monthly for each job posting. 

    When you sign up for the first time as an employer you can post a job for free and get a $50 Sponsored Job credit for premium placement . 


    How to post a Job opening as an employer on Indeed? 

    1. Open and create a free employer account using your company email.
    2. Add details about your job posting.
    3. Fill out the application questions (optional).
    4. Review and publish the job posting.
    5. Add your account information.
    6. Lastly, if you choose a sponsor Job page, you can select "Sponsor Job" or you can just simply "Post job without sponsoring" to the right of "Continue." 


    What you should do to maximize your job posting on Indeed? 

    All too often, when an employee quits, managers will rush to fill the position, write a Job post that works and interviewing any applicant who responds to a hastily-written job post. A hastily written job description isn't helping, and inadequate job postings have as a result too many under-qualified applicants. Invest a few minutes to write an effective job description, that you probably don't have, but these few minutes of work you do up front will help you to increase the number of qualified applicants you receive. 

    As an employer, whenever you post a job opening, you should focus on 3 simple key points such as: Job Title, Job Description, Applicant Qualifications which will get you on the right path for attracting top hourly talent

    1. Job Title 

    The job title should be specific and short, avoid all caps and keep it under 80 characters. Make it easy for job seekers to know what the position is about so they will know if they match with the job requirements. Have in mind that you'll need a descriptive but compelling title and you may need to do some research to come up with the right title. 

    2. Job Description 

    The job description should be interesting, easy to read, and should include lots of keywords related to the role and industry in your job description. Be clear and concise when you outline the qualifications and the experience and don't forget to always add the work location, which can be a deal breaker for some applicants and also in the same time this will help to optimize your job posting on to reach higher position in the job search results. 

    To make your job description to stand out from the crowd, you may want to include details such as employee benefits and working hours in your job posting. Be smart and sell to your future candidates the opportunity by providing them information about the company, business values, the company mission statement, and workplace culture, keep in mind all these details will lead you to find the best fit for your organization. 

    3. Indicate the Applicant Qualifications 

    Do a distinction between what's required and what's nice to have (preferred). Be sure to indicate whether a skill or education is required. For example, you may require to specify education, previous job experience, certifications, and technical skills and preferred but not required the applicant to speak Portuguese. 


    What steps do you need to follow when you post your first job on

    1. Go to and select "Employers / Post Job"
    2. Select the "Post Job" Button
    3. Create a company account using your email address and a secure the account with a password.
    4. Fill the Account Information details, fill out the areas of the form Indeed ask you to fill out:
      1. Your Company Name
      2. Company Size
      3. Your Name
      4. Phone number
      5. Are you a recruiter hiring for a client?
      6. How did you hear about us?
    5. To post a Job for free on website, you would need to fill out the areas of the forms which Indeed asks you to fill out:
      1. Job Title
      2. Company name
      3. Location
      4. Salary
      5. Job type
      6. Job Description
      7. Select: Applicant Qualifications
      8. Select: Job Settings
      9. Before publishing the job, you have the possibility to preview how your job looks like so far and make any changes if needed 

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