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    How to Use Facebook to Hire Hourly Workers

    There are 1.49 billion daily active users on Facebook, so you should definitely seize every possible opportunity to reach out to that audience and hire hourly workers for your business. Not all users are looking for what you have to offer, but there is still a large number of those who are.

    Facebook is a well-known platform and the most successful social media site of them all. Even with many contenders, Facebook still harbors many different demographics and groups, from young to old, and is most likely being used by everyone around you! 

    You may have some prior knowledge of hiring through Facebook, but be sure to follow this guide closely to make the most out of this wondrous opportunity and take your business to the next level. Marketing your business on Facebook is extremely important to your business.

    Are you looking for a guide that can help you with that pesky hiring process? You're in the right place! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps needed to make Facebook work for you as a good hiring tool for hourly workers. 

    There are many different ways for you to find employees through Facebook, and we're going to walk you through some of them. Let's start!

    Facebook Groups


    Facebook groups are a common thing around Facebook, and you're most likely in one or two yourself. There are many different kinds of Facebook groups, including ones for hiring people working at a job site. 

    Unlike Facebook pages, Facebook groups require a different approach to make them work for you the best that they can. They're very simple to use and very simple to master. Now, before you advertise your place of business and the fact that you're hiring to the mass populace, you need to know what kind of groups you should look for.


    Look for local employment groups. You should never go global or into overcrowded groups. You neither want someone five hours away as an employee or your Facebook post to get lost in a sea of others. You're not the only one marketing your business here after all! 

    When you've found the perfect group, don't stop there. There are most likely many like it around, you just have to get creative with the names. Use different kinds of keywords in your search, such as: "Employee", "Jobs", "Job", "Hiring", "Hire", "Work", "Workers"… 

    This may seem obvious but is easy to skip out on. Facebook's advanced algorithm makes it easy for you to find EXACTLY what you're looking for, but you still need to broaden up your terms to find the broad definition of what you need. 

    When you've dipped your toes in all the groups you need to be in, it's time for advertisement! But hold on, you still don't have a Facebook page. Don't worry about a thing, that's all that the next segment is about! In the meanwhile, be sure to promote your page yourself. Always try to be clever. Clever attracts attention.


    Starting a Facebook Page 

    Making a Facebook page is as simple as one two and three, but maintaining one is where the hardship lies! To make a Facebook page, you need togo to this link. 

    Once you get there, the graphical UI will help you through the process. To make a long story slightly less long, you: 

    • Select Business or Brand.
    • Select a Page Name and Page Category.
    • Add in all your other information depending on the category.
    • Add a profile picture.
    • Add a cover picture. 

    Great work! You now have your very own Facebook page! But what now, you ask yourself. Now comes the fun part. Managing your very own Facebook page. Click on the settings bar on your Facebook page located in the upper right corner, and get to work filling up all the additional information you can! 

    It's better to be over informed than under-informed, so do your best to fill up on that additional information. Don't forget to add a page description, or else people might not be sure what your page is about! 

    It's always a good idea to produce some sort of starting content on your page. It can be the material you've prepared for your page in the shape of a video or a picture showcasing your business, or just a simple short descriptive text you can write up on the spot, showcasing your business further than your page description.


    Produce High-Quality Content 

    There is a huge deal of importance in producing high-quality content for your Facebook page. You can't advertise anything if you don't have anything to advertise, so having a dull, empty Facebook page can be a huge waste of money. 

    Think about your business. What do you do? If you're running a restaurant, be sure to upload high-quality pictures and videos of your food to your page! Who doesn't love fresh and good food? 

    Produce content according to your occupation. Don't stray far from your original idea, as you can get lost in the exciting world of Facebook pages pretty easily. Learn how to write up short descriptions and promotions to go along with your pictures and videos. 

    Hire a professional designer to help you design your content and Facebook page. There is nothing worse than an unprofessional dull-looking Facebook page. You can have the best product, the best marketing campaign and the best ad's, but if the design is bad, it is bound to turn people away from your place of business.

    Hire a professional photographer to help you with your content production. Or if you have any photo skills, you can do it yourself. If the end result is a bit unappealing, try to make it look better in Photoshop. You don't want to present something you can't offer, of course, but a little bit of aesthetic modification never hurt anyone. 

    If you can't afford a professional photographer to help you produce your content, think about buying stock images and using them instead. Again, don't present something you can't offer, but do use stock images in moderation. If not, make the content yourself! 

    You don't have Photoshop and you can't afford it at the moment? No need to worry, there are great and free alternatives such as Pixlr or GIMP

    The Importance of Video Content 

    This might come as a shocker, but the importance of high-quality video content extends much further than the importance of high-quality pictures. Of course, make it in moderation. A Facebook page filled with only videos gets dull pretty quickly. 

    An ad's containing videos instead of pictures are far more effective. Numerous studies have proven that videos are far more effective at catching the eye of your audience than pictures. Good ideas are videos that present your business in the best possible light. 

    Giveaways are also a great type of videos. Good deals such as buy one get one free, or even an award type prize. Engaging videos are sure to attract customers and potential employees to your new business. 


    Maintaining and manually promoting a Facebook page 

    Making your Facebook page successful is not an easy task. The key to maintaining your social media image is persistence. In this simple segment, we're going to walk you through some easy steps to help you along your journey to a strong and serious social media page. 

    Frequency of posts 

    The biggest imperative is having and maintaining a strict post schedule. Facebook pages have a great option to schedule posts. Use your head and think up a good schedule for your posts according to your content supply. If you're making your content yourself, or if it's in short supply, it's better to post rarer than to sacrifice quality.

    There is no point in advertising an empty and unorganized facebook page, so don't rush with the ads. If you've waited this long to make a Facebook page, you can wait a little bit longer to make your ad campaign.

    Share regular updates

    Sharing regular updates helps inform your audience and potential employees with all the info you want to provide. If you're already running a good and stable facebook page and have your key demographic already following you, you can inform your audience that you're hiring, and put it in your ads.

    Again, there is no point in advertising a potential job position to your wanted demographic if you don't have anything to offer. How will someone know the importance and functionality of your business if you don't tell them yourself? 

    Answering machine and interaction

    Remember that settings bar we talked about earlier? Turns out it has one amazing feature that can help your business.

    In the settings section of your page, you will find a "Messaging bar" in your drop-down settings menu. The "Response Assistant" has three different settings that can all be crucial to maintaining a responsive page. A responsive page gets a responsive badge on its main interface, which is a very important achievement.

    Send instant replies to anyone who messages your page is the first option you get within the response assistant. Turn it on and change the text to a greeting or an advertisement for your product. 

    If people have already messaged your page for some reason, they are already interested in something you're offering, so think about your automated message. It needs to be universal.

    Staying responsive when you don't have access to your PC or mobile device is another option you can get. You should do the same as you've done with your instant replies.

    The next option is called "Show a Messenger Greeting" and it's exactly what it sounds like. Act accord to your instant reply, and you should be fine. 

    Attracting Followers 

    Ad's can be a great way to attract followers, but that's all the next segment is about. There are numerous other ways you should consider attracting followers. Followers mean customers and this means popularity and, ultimately, new employees. 

    You need to know your demographic. If you've decided your demographic according to what you're offering, think about what would appeal to them the most. Produce and promote content accordingly, and you should be fine. There are numerous ways to promote your content on Facebook, such as ads, groups, posts, and finally… 

    Get your friends to help out 

    Ask your friends to like your page! If you haven't done this step, are you really trying? Ask your friends to share your page on their private profiles or their own pages! You can never know if someone's running a popular Facebook page unless you ask them! 

    But be cautious whom you ask to promote your page. You don't want any controversial or generally unliked people promoting you, as it can tarnish your reputation. Always practice caution when running a business. An image is everything.

    hands-woman-laptop-n Utilize Facebook Ads 

    So you've finally produced some sort of content on your page. Hat's off to you, now it's time to promote the thing you've made. Without any promotion, your amazing content and products remain in obscurity, unseen by the general masses, where they deserve to be. 

    A good ad campaign can bring not only customers to your place of business but also potential new employees, which is what you're looking for in the first place, right? Now, Facebook ads are a science in their own right, so we'll try to break them down to the simplest of terms and a couple of easy and simple to understand steps. 

    Step 1: Understand how to promote your page 

    You need to go on your page and look at the bar above, where you've found the settings tab. You should be able to find a promotion tab in the upper left corner of the screen. After clicking on it, a new page should pop up, on which you should select "Create Promotion". 

    After you've selected "Create promotion", the helpful user interface should show you options on how you would like to expand your business. Now that is entirely up to you.

    Step 2: Promoting your page through Facebook Ads

    Say you want to promote your facebook page. The first thing that will pop up is the ad settings. Pay very close attention to this. You don't want to be paying for something imperfect, so attention is key! 

    After you've inserted all your preferred pictures or a video to play in your ad, it's time to choose your preferred audience. You should pick your audience according to your business type. If your main goal for this ad is to hire people, cater to them in any way you can think of. Remember, you have to spend money to make money! 

    The next part is the budget and the duration of the ad. This should be pretty simple. Pay your ad according to your needs and your means. When you've finished this step, you're done! 

    Step 4: Other means of Promotion 

    In this step, we'll get back to the Facebook groups that we've talked about earlier. What would you look for in a potential new employer if you were seeking employment in your field of work? Take as much time as you need, and it would be wise to write it down. 

    When you have all your information and data, compile it into a short but snappy advertisement, and post it in all the Facebook groups you've gotten yourself into.


    Ad Bidding 

    Ad bidding is a complicated thing and is here to help you reach your target demographic. It doesn't function like a regular ad, as you're competing with your market competitors to reach the broadest audience that is interested in what you're offering. 

    The point is to match your page/product to someone who will like it for any reason. It consists of advertising on all the Facebook-owned apps, including Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. 

    You can always use the standard automated Facebook ad bidding setting for all your promotional campaigns, but don't expect to get the best possible results. The results will probably be pretty pleasant, but getting into custom ad bidding is where the real audience is. 

    To win a Facebook bidding auction, you have to keep in mind the 3 things that determine your auction's success.

    Advertiser bid 

    Your advertiser bid is the amount of money you're willing to invest in your ad. Bidding too low can still bring in results, but bidding to much can mean throwing money down the well. Bid responsibly, and think about the future. This is NOT your only ad bid, so you don't want to spend all your money immediately. Bid smart, not a lot! 

    Ad Quality and Relevance

    Ad Quality is much like overall page quality. Facebook will test your advertisement to determine its overall value. If it gets a lot of negative feedback, the value decreases. If the ad gets good responses from your targeted demographic, the value of your ad will increase, and with it the chance that more people will see it. 

    The relevance score is everything, and you should check it from time to time. If the ad relevance is bad, that means your targeted demographic is responding to it poorly. You shouldn't fret, just take it as a lesson. Think about what you've done wrong, and be sure to improve it the next time you're running an ad campaign. 

    Estimated action 

    To estimate the action rates of your advertisement, Facebook gets feedback from your targeted audience. How likely are they to click on your ad, based on their past behavior? If you've advertised smart and to the right demographic, you should have hit all your notes, and the overall ad value will rise. 


    A few finishing touches 

    So you've finally finished your social media page for your business. Great work! You should lay back and relax, as the next few steps are as simple as one, two, three! 

    If you've played your cards right this whole time, you should have a good and stable advertising campaign by now. You're advertising that your business is hiring? Great! There are a few things you should keep in mind when hiring your new employees through Facebook though.

    Since you've, of course, offered your business email and phone number in the advertisement, it's more than likely that people will ignore it and go directly to your page to inquire about employment and get further information. Believe it or not, even though unprofessional, it's a great way to check out your employee before employing them! 

    You don't want someone who is unfit to work for your business there, do you? If there are too many candidates, you can always sort them into three different categories. The A-listers, the desirable employees, and undesirable employees. 

    All of them are pretty self explanatory, but we will still explain what we mean down below.

    The A Listers 

    Don't always put all your hope in these. There can never be too many of the best possible candidates, but they might not want to work with you for any sort of reason. 

    The Desirable Employees 

    These are the average employees that should be in abundance if you've done your business promotion right. Still, you should cut down this group to the maximum you can interview, as interviews are the most important part of the employment process.

    The Undesirable Employees 

    These are people that are, for any number of reasons, unfit to work within your aspiring company. Be polite, and if you're sure they have no place in your business, professionally decline their inquiry.

    Don't employ immediately. You should wait for some time to accumulate a fair number of employees, and then sort them out accordingly. Don't focus on one or two employees, as, sadly, interviews can be deceiving. 

    If you've found someone through Facebook, be sure to invite them for a real interview if you see fit. You can find tips on the interview process on our website, so be sure to check it out. 

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