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    Luring Employees from the Competition: 5 Steps to Building a Magnetic Company to Attract Hourly Employees

    We would all like to keep the good employees we spent so much time finding, interviewing, onboarding, and training. Unfortunately, keeping all of them is great to wish for, but not very realistic. According to a recent Gallup study, 51% of currently employed adults in the US say they are searching for new jobs or watching for new job opportunities, with 47% rightly believing that now is a good time to find a quality job. 

    But what if more employers made a conscious effort to lure those employees jumping ship from other companies? What would happen if we made our business really attractive to employment seekers? 

    The concept sounds like a great plan, but many organizations simply accept huge turnover rates as the norm for doing business and hope that more people will magically show up to replace those leaving. Kepner-Tregoe conducted their own survey of 1,290 employees and found that 64% of workers stated that the company's management isn't initiating programs to reduce turnover or make the company more attractive to those seeking work. 

    Build Your EVP 

    To attract, and even keep, good hourly employees, a business must first develop its own Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which is a fancy term defining the total value an employer offers to their employees in return for their work. It is more than compensation and benefits, (or tangible rewards), but a mix of tangible and intangible rewards such as great company culture, interesting projects to work on, flexible hours, etc. 

    With that in mind, here are five EVPs you can begin implementing to help make your company more magnetic to attract quality hourly employees: 

    1. Create a Positive Work Environment 

    Life is hard enough without having to work at a place with a negative vibe. Take action today to create a more positive work environment by giving positive reenforcement to your employees. Let them know they are appreciated. Often just saying the words, "I'm impressed with you..," or "I enjoy working with you," can go a long way to motivating and showing them that they matter to the organization. 

    Word always spread about positive work environments. As friends gather for social activities or school, talk turns to making money which turns to working, which directs the conversation toward your company because it is a positive place to work. 

    2. Initiate a Package Compensation System 

    You don't have to break the bank to offer competitive and creative pay and benefits. Offer more than just a paycheck. If you have employees worthy of recognition, offer bonuses, extra paid time off, movie tickets, car detailing, pay for performance, and more. Don't reward employees like your competitors do. Instead, go way outside the box and provide more. For example, if you hear that a good employee's car needs repair, contact your trusted mechanic and flip the bill. Without costing the company much additional expense, this EVP can actually become fun. 

    3. Develop a Great Company Culture 

    Culture is something that most hourly employees can get their heads around. Company culture is all about the theme or interwoven thread that runs through the business. A good culture is welcoming and interesting. I recommend reading Seth Godin's book, Tribes, which is all about developing a following and use that following to gather more followers. The more you understand your tribe, the more you can offer them. 

    For example, if you have a break room, don't make it like you would want it. Design it for comfort for your employees. If you mostly hire millennials, put in some colorful bean bag chairs, loud colors on the wall, great coffee, and other items that appeal to this generation. Once you jumpstart the foundation for the culture, the employees will take care of the rest. Request feedback from them on a regular basis to ensure they are comfortable in the established culture. 

    4. Provide Career Stability 

    Another way to make your business attractive is to offer your business as a springboard to a career. Even if you don't suspect that your hourly employees will stay at your business, offer resources for career advancement such as an onsite library, opportunities to attend seminars, classes and conferences, and even career counselor visitations every quarter. 

    5. Offer Work/Life Balance 

    Even if your business is dependent on having employees on site during specific hours, like a restaurant or retail business, you can still provide some flexibility in scheduling to allow time off for family, school, sports, and social activities. You will attract more candidates and keep the employees you have longer when you flex a little to help them balance both work and life activities. 

    Get Better Looking and Show it Off 

    Making your company attractive to your target candidates for employment is good business senses. No longer does a help-wanted ad in the newspaper or Indeed get qualified candidates flocking to your business for employment. Today we have to be creative and think like our candidates think and learn to provide what it is that they are looking for—satisfaction, belongings, and the power to make a difference. 

    With all of your implemented EVPs, use social media to get the word out. It's a known fact that the majority of hourly employees are of the age who are connected socially. They do read Facebook postings, Instagram listings, LinkedIn messages, SnapChat, and many more. They follow what their friends are following and listen to the Tribe. Take advantage of these tools to get your message to the masses and make your company a place they want to work. 

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