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    Podcast: How to Hire Hourly Workers 4x Faster with Desmond Lim

    Desmond Lim is CEO and co-founder of Workstream, a hiring automation platform for hourly workers, which helps companies to hire hourly workers faster using texting, AI and automation. Desmond is a former restaurant owner, who saw the challenge of hiring hourly workers before starting Workstream. 

    He is a MIT and Harvard graduate, a former Product Manager at WeChat, and Investor at Dorm Room Fund. Desmond is an active angel investor, formerly represented his country in basketball, and was an infantry officer in the army. He is currently based in San Francisco, CA and has lived across London, Boston, New York, Singapore and Seoul.

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    Workstream ( is an end to end hiring software built for the hourly workforce, cutting in half the time to hire and on-board workers, via SMS / text communication, automated workflows, online document signing, and more.

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