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    Where to Find Hourly Employees: Making Recruitment Work for You

    As a Human Resources professional, you likely see recruitment as the first step in executing an effective strategic staffing plan. The right employees can make or break the success of a company. But finding the right employees begins with using the appropriate recruitment tools for the positions you need to fill. 

    Not all recruitment sources are created equal. A manager with ten years of experience and master's degree may not be seeking employment through the same avenues as a high school graduate who has never held a job. But how can you be sure that you're reaching your intended target? Here are 5 sure-fire ways to find the hourly employees your business needs: 

    1. Post on social media. 

    Today more than ever, it is imperative that your company establishes and maintains an active social media presence. Nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide use social networks. For companies, it functions not only as an advertising platform to reach potential customers and stay in touch with existing ones; but is an opportunity to reel in prospective employees who are checking out your company's online profile pages before they consider applying. Use this to your advantage. Advertise your vacant positions through all of your social media platforms. Be sure to couple your post with the appropriate hashtags to gain an even larger audience. At the very least, you'll be connecting with people who already know your brand and know what you're about. Encourage them to share your post with friends, family and acquaintances that might be a good fit. 

    Search Facebook for news pages or groups in your area. These are pages where locals come together to share events, discuss pertinent issues, and even buy and sell their own products. Posting to these pages and groups (if permitted) would be directly appealing to potential workers in the geographic area you are trying to reach. 

    Most importantly, if you're using technology to recruit, make things easy on your applicants. Optimize your job posts for mobile viewing. Link your ad to a mobile-friendly online application process (if you don't have one already; it's a great idea to start). Be flexible and agree to accept applications or set up interviews via text, email, or direct messaging through social media apps. 

    2. Don't neglect your community. 

    Many potential workers would prefer to stay close to home, so don't skimp on old fashioned signage. Signs posted in the windows or outside your building—especially on a busy street—can catch the eye of hundreds of potential employees every day. 

    Billboards may seem outdated, but they work. Though they are pricey, you can mitigate the cost by partnering with other local businesses or neighbors to advertise together. 

    Participate in local events and job fairs to spread the word about your product or service—and let the community know that you have positions available. Also, public library bulletin boards and local newspapers can be a great inexpensive (or free) channel for connecting with applicants in your area. 

    3. Use online job boards. 

    Online job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster are primarily used for more managerial or upper-level employees aiming to advance their careers. That's not to say that those sites can't be effective in finding candidates for hourly positions; but it's certainly less likely. Craigslist, however, is a hive of job recruiters and seekers buzzing around to find their perfect match. Despite Craigslist's checkered past and negative publicity, it is still a useful resource to find and fill hourly jobs. Thankfully, modern savvy users generally have little trouble discerning the legitimate ads and messages from the rubbish. 

    4. Ask for referrals.

    Arguably one of the best sources for finding more successful employees is through the successful employees that are already working for you. If promoting or transferring from within isn't appropriate for the positions you need to fill, ask your valued employees to recommend someone they know who has the characteristics and qualifications your company desires. To sweeten the deal, you can incentivize the referral. If you are concerned about retention, make the reward payable only after the new hire has successfully completed the probationary period.

    5. Visit educational institutions. 

    High schools, colleges and universities are teeming with potential workers. They are often preparing for or just beginning their careers, making hourly employment perfect for them. Participate in job fairs, and ask the staff and instructors to guide you toward students who may be a good fit for your company. With permission, the administration may allow you to post hiring ads on campus. If you are seeking semi-skilled laborers, consider reaching out to the appropriate trade school nearby. Young students are likely to be ambitious and anxious to get their foot in the door, even if your business doesn't offer a career in their chosen field. If you encounter hesitation, remind them that, though your job may not appear to be a rung in their career ladder; they will gain valuable work experience and the potential for priceless leadership and management skills at your company.

    Do not waste valuable time and resources searching for hourly workers who simply aren't where you are looking. With the proper recruitment tools, your company will be able to target applicants that are best-suited for your open positions. With this crucial gear in place, your strategic staffing plan will be functioning like the well-constructed and efficient recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding machine you need it to be. 

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