Customer Story - M5 Partners Inc. (Jamba Juice)

"Without Workstream, I would still have to be worrying about where to get my hourly workers."

- Steven Maltz, COO of M5 Partners Inc
Time saved on hiring
Reduction in no-show rate

About M5 Partners Inc.

Founded in 2015, M5 Partners Inc. owns and operates multiple Jamba Juice locations in California that aims to deliver the healthy mission through their high quality juices, smoothies and bowls.

Headquarters: Foster City, California

Industry: Food & Beverages, Franchise
Headquarters: Elkhart, IN

Industry: Manufacturing


Jamba Juice first started as any typical small juice bar - yet, they aim to bring their ideal healthy lifestyle to the locals in America. Today, Jamba Juice has over 800 outlets (both company-owned locations and franchise-operated stores) worldwide.

Business Challenge

With most of their stores located within the Bay Area that sees a 2.1% unemployment rate, M5 Partners Inc finds it difficult to look for hourly workers to support their daily operations among the 14 outlets. Moreover, they found that many applicants who applied for the job did not turn out up for the scheduled interview. This resulted in excessive wastage of human resources for the company.

They needed a platform that could provide them with the ease of tracking applicants' status and at the same time, enable them to reach out to a larger pool of applicants.

Many applicants who applied for the job did not turn up for the scheduled interview.


With the help of Workstream, M5's Jamba Juice outlets are now able to save up to 200% time spent on hiring, reduce the amount of no-show rates by 90% within 14 of its locations.

Features Used

Streamlined HR process

Streamlined HR process

Jamba Juice is now able to put their job advertisements up on multiple platforms through a single platform to reach out to as many potential applicants as possible. And the best part, all the data from these various portals are being collated at one single platform for easy access.


Tracking analytics

With the analytics tracking function of Workstream, Jamba Juice is hence able to track the status of each applicants progress and to gain insights into which platforms are able to give them the most number of applications.

text to apply

2-way Automated SMS

The ease of communicating between the Jamba Juice and applicants have been made easier with the convenience of SMS communication. This helps in reducing the no-show rates by facilitating easy rescheduling and cancellation of interviews.


"Without Workstream, I would still have to be worrying about where to get my hourly workers."
Steven Maltz
COO of M5 Partners Inc.

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